Chu Van An University: Connect with businesses right in the training program

Chu Van An University: Connect with businesses right in the training program
With the philosophy of helping students to integrate after graduation, and at the same time enhancing the connection with businesses in training programs, linking academics and practical needs, Chu Van An University has helped trained thousands of bachelors to graduate and get jobs right after graduation.
Students do internships from the second year of study at large enterprises and corporations
Linking and cooperation between schools and businesses is an inevitable trend in the current industrial 4.0 era. With this model, students are familiar with the business environment while still in school, thereby perfecting the skills to meet the requirements of employers. For their part, businesses can solve the recruitment problem when they are observed, challenged employees early, even awarded scholarships to retain talents.
Quality – Creativity – Solidarity – Responsibility – Integration are the core values ​​that Chu Van An University has determined since the early days of its establishment. Accordingly, the University has increased investment in facilities and improved the qualifications of the teaching staff. In addition, the University also focuses on promoting and strengthening the connection and cooperation between the school and businesses in the training program.

With the desire that graduates will be dynamic, self-adapt to the working environment and have a high entrepreneurial spirit, the University has contacted many large enterprises and corporations so that students in the school have the opportunity to experience, practice from the 2nd and 3rd year of study.

Every year, each faculty with different industry groups of the University organizes exchange programs, dialogues with businesses and even with alumni to exchange and share ideas, especially from alumni. Entrepreneurs or managers of enterprises on market demand and capacity requirements of people working in professions. Through those comments, the University will update the training program to keep up with the development of the professions and better meet the actual work needs of the enterprises for the graduates.
Recently, with the goal of becoming the leading applied school in Vietnam, Chu Van An University participated in the 3rd anniversary celebration of BNI Chapter Hello at Fortuna Hotel, Hanoi with the participation of more than 200 business owners and Senior Directors of Business Network International (BNI).

On the 16th anniversary of its establishment, the school signed a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam Securities Association, creating conditions for students of the school to participate in projects, for students to experience professional work and do research projects. graduate. Next, the two sides will jointly organize networking activities, introduce jobs and recruit graduate students to work at enterprises.
The University’s leadership has worked with the Banking Association – VNBA, to sign the MOU for cooperation in training, linking and supporting students of Chu Van An University with VNBA’s member units. From there, it opens the opportunity to learn and discuss more about some support activities for students such as scholarships; organize academic competitions; field trip program for students with more skills and knowledge; counseling and career orientation for students of the school or updating knowledge for member establishments of enterprises.
In addition, most specialized subjects are taught by visiting lecturers who are holding management positions and have high degrees in enterprises. These are to ensure that the curriculum is built with outputs that meet the needs of the business, helping students gain lessons from experience, understand the actual happenings at the enterprise while still sitting on the chair. school. With the philosophy of training linked to academics and practical needs, the University is committed to 100% of graduates who will be introduced to jobs at reputable companies and enterprises.

Three methods of enrollment in 2022
In the regular university enrollment period in 2022, the University enrolls 9 training majors such as: Economic Law; Finance – Banking; Business administration; English language; Accountant; Information technology; electrical engineering; Construction engineering.
The school enrolls students in three ways.
Candidates are considered for admission based on the results of their academic records, the total average score of 3 subjects in the selection combination according to the results of the high school transcripts of 3 semesters (HK1, HS2, grade 11 and grade 12) achieves from 15.0 points or more. or the average grade point average of the whole year of 12th grade is 5.0 or higher.
For candidates selected according to the results of the national high school exam in 2022, the combined score of 3 subjects is 15.0 points, including priority points.
Candidates are directly considered for admission according to the enrollment regulations in 2022, priority is given to candidates who have won prizes in the National Excellent Student Competition, the National Science and Technology Competition; Foreign candidates are eligible to study or under the nomination category.
Particularly for the Architecture major, candidates must participate in the pre-qualification of the gifted Art Drawing subject organized by the School or have the results of the Art Drawing aptitude test in 2021 from other schools with 5.0 points or higher. .
According to the plan, the University does not apply additional criteria in admission, apart from the provisions in the enrollment regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. After the end of the first round of admission, if there are still quotas, the University will consider additional candidates according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and until the quota is full.
In addition, the school awarded 55 scholarships to excellent students, winning prizes from district level and above; students from poor households or with disabilities; Ethnic minority students, disadvantaged students and students who apply early. Every year, the University also awards scholarships to students with good academic achievements and many contributions to the University’s activities.
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